BiKASE SuperBand Multi-Use Phone Holder

BiKASE SuperBand Multi-Use Phone Holder

The SuperBand is a tough, lightweight and simple solution to attach virtually anything to your bike.

The SuperBand is designed to hold smartphones, a light jacket, sunglasses, energy bars, water bottles and maybe even sausage and beer (welcome to Wisconsin), keeping everything tightly attached to any bicycle.

Using a two-part construction of a rigid frame and elastic bands made of highly engineered rubber compounds the SuperBand stretches to keep all sorts of shapes and sizes snugly fit against your bike frame.

Easy tool free attachment is completed through the use of 2 different sized straps, which allows the SuperBand to fit on almost any frame or even using the waterbottle cage mounts on the bike.
Great for use on Bicycles, Golf Carts, Strollers, ATV/UTV.

Note: not meant for items over 3" in diameter, the bands may break if stretched over over 3" in diameter.

BiKASE SuperBand Multi-Use Phone Holder
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