FYXATION 9/16" Gates Slim Platform Pedal


Whether you're looking for an affordable wide body pedal for your commuter, a durable pedal for your fixed gear bike, an alloy pedal for your next freeride session or a hard nylon pedal that will keep your feet warm while braving the elements on your fat bike, Fyxation has you covered.

Thin is in when it comes to pedals these days but most thin bodied pedals on the market are much too expensive for the average cyclist. When we set out to make our new Gates Slim pedal we wanted to build a pedal that offered all the advantages of the higher end thin bodied pedal that you could buy without having to fork out over half your paycheck to bring a set home.

The Gates Slim combines the best of our popular Gates BMX platform pedal and our thin bodied/sealed bearing Mesa plaform pedal into a durable and affordable package. Cr-Mo spindle, rebuildable loose ball bearings, impact grade nylon and a super thin profile should make the Gates Slim an easy choice for your next pedal. The Gates Slim pedals are ideal for any commuter/city build but is also great for BMX riders looking for a durable, thin and affordable plaform pedal. Oh year, they're also compatible with pedal straps making them great for the daily commute as well.

Body : Impact Grade Nylon
Spindle : Cr-Mo 9/16"
Bearings : Rebuildable Loose Ball
Height: 14mm
Width : 100mm
Weight : 345g
FYXATION 9/16" Gates Slim Platform Pedal
Sizes & Colors In Stock
Price: $33.99

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