SERFAS | RX-921V Men’s Road/MTB Comfort Saddle

Serfas RX designed saddles have a full length anatomical groove down the middle of the saddle along with an elevated seat position. This has proven to eliminate pressure & significantly reduce numbness around your soft tissue (plumbing) & put weight where it belongs—around your sit bones. This means you can spend more time in the saddle without sacrificing comfort.

Pressure Eliminating Channel: A complete anatomic channel maximizes blood flow through the neurovascular bundle for reduced numbness & discomfort.

Zero Friction Gel Infused Padding: Gel infused foam optimizes saddle comfort & support while reducing saddle friction & chaffing.

Twin Bar Anatomical Flex: Saddle halves rotate independently with rider to reduce saddle friction & irritation.

I.C.S.® Infinite Comfort System: I.C.S.® mates four unique layers of closed cell foams, gel & microfiber covers to give you the support where you need it & the comfort where you want it for sustained riding.

Dual Density® Base: A soft, flexible rubber-like material lies in the saddle’s base to ensure your sit bones never hit a hard spot.

Pressure Reducing Two Step System: A raised tall end of the saddle removes pressure from you neurovascular bundle while maintaining the nose of the saddle for riding stability.

For Way Stretch: The saddle’s cover moves in all four directions to reduce friction & increase longevity of the cover.


  • Twin Bar Design
  • Rails: Steel
  • Cover: Waterproof, Anti-Microbial Microfiber
  • Length: 267mm
  • Width: 171mm
  • Weight: 538 Grams

SERFAS | RX-921V Men’s Road/MTB Comfort Saddle
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