WSI Sports | HEATR Volt Pants

WikMax HEATR® Volt Pant

Designed for the active person that need moderate warmth and high wicking performance. HEATR® is placed in the quads, hamstring, and glutes to help warm up the legs. The compression fit body mapped pant is thicker in the base for warmth and thinner in other areas for ventilation and mobility. Ideal for skiing, hunting, running, and any outdoor activity in the cold.

HEATR®: 50%Polyester, 25% HEATR®, 25% Polyolefin

HEATR® is a fiber that expands and heats up as it comes in contact with skin. Our Wikmax HEATR® fabric generates heat as it wicks moisture off away from the skin. Wikmax HEATR® is designed to help warm up muscles continuously, as well as increasing oxygen flow to the blood which helps decrease recovery time. HEATR® feels soft and comfortable like cotton while utilizing its' advanced technology. HEATR® features our Anti-Microbial technology which assists in destroying and inhibiting the growth of bacteria while simultaneously cutting down on odor.

Proâ?®: 92% Polyester, 8% Spandex
WSI® took its amazing WikMax® and added 4-way stretch compression to give maximum comfort and performance. WikMax® material removes moisture away from skin better than any other competitor's product. Works well in hot or cold weather for any sport.

WSI Sports | HEATR Volt Pants
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