WSI Sports | WikMax HEATR Pitching/QB Long Sleeve Shirt

WikMax HEATR® Pitching/QB Long Sleeve Shirt

First ever Quarterback/Pitching shirt with fabric that heats up! Designed to help warm the muscles continuously. Thermal regulation helps oxygen flow to the blood faster thus promotes faster recovery time. Same shirt as our long-sleeve version and less expensive. Designed to help get muscles warm and keep them warm. Worn by the Pros, the Quarterback/Pitching Shirt is body mapped with HEATR® in the upper arms and upper body where your major muscles are located. WikMax fabric runs throughout the rest of the shirt to keep you dry.â?< Coverstitching ensures that seams lie flat for comfortable wear. Patent Pending.

HEATR®: 50%Polyester, 25% HEATR®, 25% Polyolefin

â?<WikMax®: 50% Polyester, 50% Polyolefin

HEATR® is a fiber that expands and heats up as it comes in contact with skin. Our Wikmax HEATR® fabric generates heat as it wicks moisture off away from the skin. Wikmax HEATR® is designed to help warm up muscles continuously, as well as increasing oxygen flow to the blood which helps decrease recovery time. HEATR® feels soft and comfortable like cotton while utilizing its' advanced technology. HEATR® features our Anti-Microbial technology which assists in destroying and inhibiting the growth of bacteria while simultaneously cutting down on odor.

WSI Sports | WikMax HEATR Pitching/QB Long Sleeve Shirt
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