WSI Sports | Arctic HEATR Vent Q-Zip

Arctic HEATR® Vent Shirt

Warmer: Ideal for temperatures of -10° to 60°

Designed for the active outdoor person that needs maximum wicking and warmth on demand. The vent shirt is body mapped with thinner WikMax® fabric for ventilation in the underarm. Thicker layers in the body and arms to insulate heat and block wind. With WSI's® HEATR® fabric in the collar to provides added warmth when needed by simply zipping up the collar.

HEATR®: 50%Polyester, 25% HEATR®, 25% Polyolefin
WikMax®: 50% Polyester, 50% Polyolefin
®: 88% Polyester, 12% Spandex
HEATR® is a fiber that expands and heats up as it comes in contact with skin. Our Wikmax HEATR® fabric generates heat as it wicks moisture off away from the skin. Wikmax HEATR® is designed to help warm up muscles continuously, as well as increasing oxygen flow to the blood which helps decrease recovery time. HEATR® feels soft and comfortable like cotton while utilizing its' advanced technology. HEATR® features our Anti-Microbial technology which assists in destroying and inhibiting the growth of bacteria while simultaneously cutting down on odor.

WSI Sports | Arctic HEATR Vent Q-Zip
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