The mast is the backbone of a windsurfing rig. Getting the right length and stiffness is critical to achieving the best performance from your sail. Higher carbon masts are quicker to respond to changing wind, and lighter which improves handling and reduces fatigue.

If you are going out in surf conditions, you need a wave-rated mast. Reduced diameter (skinny) masts are especially durable, but only work well with certain sails. Usually larger sails require standard diameter and greater stiffness.

Cambered sails, especially race sails, may need a specific bend curve and taper. It is best to follow the sail makers advice on compatibility. Feel free to call or e-mail us with questions, or for specific recommendations.

Item #: RMX3490
List Price: $355.00 / EACH
Our Price: $289.00 / EACH

Item #: RRD9EC7552
List Price: $575.00 / EA
Our Price: $379.00 / EA

Item #: 09SRM430
Our Price: $135.00 / EACH

Item #: M400
List Price: $249.00 / EA
Our Price: $169.00 / EA

Item #: GTFSDM460
This item may be out of stock. Please call for Availability.
List Price: $549.99 / EA
Our Price: $429.00 / EA

Item #: MC40400
Our Price: $239.00 / EA

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