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12 JP Freestyle Wave FWS

12 JP Freestyle Wave FWS

Item #: JP12FSW


List Price:  $1,929.00 / EACH
Our Price:  $1,399.00 / EACH

101 - $1,399.00


2012 JP Freestyle Wave Windsurf Board

Benchmark boards for many years. Outstanding performance is in their DNA. For the new generation we focused on improving the overall feel to the shapes.

The smaller sizes of the Pro Edition (77, 84, 92) come with a thruster setup. No other brand offers that in this segment. Already the 2011 boards had outstanding wave abilities - the new thruster setup projects them even further ahead of the competition.

Volume: 77 ltrLength: 228cmWidth: 56cmWeight FWS: 6 +/-6%Fins FWS: 23
Volume: 84 ltrLength: 228cmWidth: 58cmWeight FWS: 6.3 +/-6%Fins FWS: 25
Volume: 92 ltrLength: 228cmWidth: 60cmWeight FWS: 6.5 +/-6%Fins FWS: 27
Volume: 101 ltrLength: 232cmWidth: 62cmWeight FWS: 6.9 +/-6%Fins FWS: 29
Volume: 111 ltrLength: 234cmWidth: 64cmWeight FWS: 7.2 +/-6%Fins FWS: 31
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