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12 Bic Beach 175 Dagger

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12 Bic Beach 175 Dagger

Bic Beach 175 Dagger

Great compromise of thrills and stability

The Beach 175D is a great compromise board for medium weight beginners. Quite long, it gives excellent glide in lighter winds but is still very manoeuvrable.

Beginner level windsurf boards have made considerable progress as regards their stability, and that for some time now, but are nevertheless frequently a bit fragile for the kind of intensive use they get. Responding to the needs of windsurf clubs, BIC Windsurf is launching a brand new range called the Beach.It's the result of an innovative mix of technologies already to be found on BIC surf boards and kayaks. The outer skin of polyethylene is the same as that used on BIC Sport kayaks with their proven strength. The internal construction borrows from the BIC ACS surf board with its massive knock-resistance. The shapes have been developed with maximum stability for beginners in mind but are still very manoeuvrable to help learn some progression moves.Beach boards will therefore be very useful for windsurf schools looking for good, solid, modern and easy to learn on boards. The two models come with a retractable dagger board system that is very simple to tune.

Construction: Twinsheet PE
Fin: WA 30
Finbox: Deep Tuttle
Dagger System: 60 cm
Ideal Sail 2: 2.5 - 6.5

Length: 285 cm
Width: 78 cm
Vol.: 175 liters
Weight: 14.9 kg

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