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Southport Rigging in Kenosha, Wisconsin has been providing products and gear for cycling and board sports since 1981. Our friendly staff of experts will help you find what you need and recommend the best products on the market. We always have competitive prices and are proud to serve a large returning customer base. People trust Southport Rigging to provide the best products, service and advice for Cycling, Skateboarding, Longboarding, Snowboarding, Windsurfing, Kiteboarding and Standup Paddleboarding. Our staff is active in the sports we sell and we are happy to help you get started or get to the next level. We support our community with Skate and BMX contests, in fact we led the effort that resulted in 2 skateparks in Kenosha. We sponsor Learn to ride snowboard days, Shop bike rides, Bicycle advocacy and local Triathlon support. Most of our products are available in store and online. If you live in or near Kenosha, stop in!
Location: 2926 75th St. Kenosha, WI 53143

We specialize in:

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Why do our customers continue to return, year after year?

  • Competitive pricing
  • Friendly and knowledgeable sales staff
  • Wide selection of in-stock equipment and parts
  • Unique parts and supplies for water sport equipment
  • Windsurfers on staff to help choose equipment and provide tips
  • Full service skateboarding parts and assembly
  • Popular and unique skateboarding shoes and gear
  • Full snowboard set up- from the snowboard to the jacket.
  • Full service bike shop including BMX repair and parts


"The Bike Shop at Southport Rigging". The Bike Shop is a complete cyclist shop. We have everything for the beginner up to the serious roadie. We sell hybrid, comfort, cruiser, townie, fitness, road, BMX, kid bikes and more. We provide you with all you need to get riding, including racks, trailers, carriers, bags, bells, lights, pedals, shoes, helmets, and more.

Our staff has over 30 years experience and we service all brands and models of bikes. We offer installation, repair, and tune-up services. The Bikeshop is your one stop bike shop. Buy a new bike from The Bikeshop and get 1 year FREE tuneups, 30 day price protection guarantee and expert assembly and fit of your new bike.

When you buy a kid's bike at The Bike Shop, you are able to enroll in the Bike Trade-up Program. Bring your child's bike back within 3 years and you will receive up to 50% of what you paid as credit towards your kids' next sized bike.

Saturday Morning Bike Rides

The Bike Shop at Southport Rigging takes group rides from "Harborside Common Grounds" in Kenosha, WI to "It's All Good Coffee Shop" in Zion, IL every saturday morning at 8am. It is a weekly 26 mile ride, starting in May and stops when it snows in November. The ride is mostly flat and suitable for all levels of riders. No sign up necessary, just show up. If you can't make it one week, feel free to come the next.

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Windsurfing is one of our specialties- we are well known for our product selection and knowledgeable sales team who actively uses our windsurfing products. Not only will our staff help you choose the best windsurfing package for you but we will answer all your questions about windsurf equipment assembly, care and maintenance. We even offer windsurfing lessons, for the beginning windsurfer or the expert who wants to learn new skills.

Keep your eyes open in the summer months for our annual Windsurf Kite Swap Sale. This Southport Rigging swap sale gives windsurfers the chance to trade, buy and sell windsurfing equipment and parts.

What is Windsurfing?

Windsurfing is a surface water sport. Like surfing, you use a windsurf board or sailboard, but unlike surfing your windsurf board is powered by a single sail.

The sport combines aspects of sailing and surfing. Windsurfing also combines athletic aspects seen in skateboarding, snowboarding, waterskiing, and wakeboarding. The windsurfer has freedoms and experiences unmatched by any other sailing sport or craft. A windsurfer holds the world speed record for sailing. Windsurfers can perform jumps, inverted loops, spinning maneuvers, and other "freestyle" moves and "tricks". Due to the power and control a windsurfing allows, windsurfers were the first to ride the world's largest waves (tow-in surfing gave surfers the same big-wave ability).

Windsurfing disciplines include:
  • speed sailing
  • slalom
  • course racing
  • wave sailing
  • superX freestyle.

Wetsuits and Water Wear

We can help you find and choose a wetsuit or water wear. At Southport you will find water wear favorites like board shorts, wetsuits, wetsuit tops and full wetsuits. We also have important water sport accessories such as swim caps, water boots and water gloves. Don’t forget water fun necessities such as ear plugs, goggles and life vests- safety first! Most of our swim and water gear comes in a large range of sizes from kids to adult.

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Kitesurfing / Kiteboarding

Southport Rigging offers kitesurfing lessons with an IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization - http://www.ikorg.com) Certified Instructor. We can set you up with all your kitesurfing equipment and help you understand kite board assembly and best maintenance practices. Our helpful sales team is dedicated to helping you find what you need and helping you determine what will suit you best.

What is kitesurfing?

Kitesurfing, or kiteboarding, utilizes a power kite which pulls the rider over water on a small surfboard or a kiteboard, also similar to a wakeboard. Kiteboarding can refer to a style of riding (free-style or wakestyle) where as kitesurfing is considered waveriding. The kitesurfer (kiteboarder) uses a board (with or without foot-straps or bindings) and the power of a large controllable kite to glide the board across water.

Each kitesurfing style requires different boards and kites. The Southport Rigging crew can help you decide what style, boards and kites are right for you.

The sport of kitesurfing/kiteboarding is still young but quickly growing in popularity. It is also becoming safer thanks to innovations in kite design, safety release systems, and instruction.

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Southport Rigging has the wakeboarding equipment you need to have a great time on the water- wakeboards and bindings, ropes, handles and gloves, wakesurfers, kneeboards, tubes, skis and all the accessories you may need. Our sales staff will answer all your questions and help you have a safe wakeboarding experience.

For more information on wakeboarding, wakeboarding lessons, to view wakeboarding videos or get involved in a wakeboarding forum check out http://www.wakeboardingmag.com.

What is Wakeboarding?

Wakeboarding is a surface water sport. While pulled by a boat the wakeboarder rides over the surface of water. Wakeboarding is considered a combination of water skiing, snowboarding and surfing techniques.

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Southport Rigging can set you up for surfing success- surf boards, surf board bags, and accessories are available in-store and online. We also have great surf wear, board shorts, rash guards, wetsuits, and sandals. Reef, Keen, Sanuk, DaKine, Roxy, Billabong, O'Neil and more.

For news, videos, photos and more on surfing check out http://www.surfingthemag.com (opens in new window).

Read more on learning to surf, waves, surf reports, surf videos, and more at http://www.surfing-waves.com (opens in new window).

What is surfing?

Surfing is a surface water sport in which the surfer rides along the face of a breaking wave. Surfers most commonly use a surfboard but wave-riding is also done on kneeboards, body boards/boogie boards, kayaks, surf skis, and possibly own bodies.

The two major subdivisions within traditional surfing are mainly determined by surfboard design and riding style- longboarding and shortboarding.

Tow-in surfing, in which a surfer is towed into the wave by a motorized water vehicle, is a substitute for exhaustive paddling when trying to conquer large waves.

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Stand-up Paddle Boarding

Stand-up padding boarding is a surf related sport that does not require waves. It is growing in popularity becuase it is easy and fun, and can be done on almost any body of water. Many SUP boards can also be used for surfing and windsurfing.

We offer big name brands like Bic SUP, and Starboard.

Lessons and demos available! We also offer SUP rentals for just $45 a day.
For more information on Lessons and Rentals call: 1-800-877-7025.
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Skateboarding ­ Boards, Gear and more

Southport Rigging has a huge selection of decks and all the fixins’ to make your complete personalized skateboard. We have all your favorite skateboard deck brands. Plenty of wheels, trucks and hardware too.

Don’t forget your skateboarding gear- belts, wallets, hats, beanies, pants, shorts, socks, sweatshirts and t-shirts- by manufacturers such as Volcom, Element, Flip, Matix, Etnies and much more. Southport Rigging has a wide selection of skateboard stuff for all ages, online and even more in-store.

Our skate gear and skate shoe selection includes popular brands and unique styles by industry favorites.

Our skate shoes are available in-store and online (availability may vary). Check out our Close Out Sales on skate shoes where you will find the lowest prices on the popular skater brands.

How To sites

Science of Skateboarding, from Exploratorium.edu

"While it may seem that modern skateboarders are defying the laws of physics, the truth is that they're just using them to their advantage. Let's take a closer look at some fundamental skateboarding moves and the physics principles behind them." Read on...


The basics of Longboarding from About.com

Longboarding is, essentially, skateboarding utilizing a longer and sometimes wider board. A longboard is generally used for either downhill racing or transportation. Depending on the intended ride, a longboard will be shaped in different ways. Due to weight and bulk a longboard isn’t appropriate or suited for many skateboarding tricks. However, longboarding provides a fluid motion and much more speed. Longboarding is often compared to surfing, as the design allows big turns or quick short carves similar to the performance of a surfboard. We sell top brands like Sector 9, Arbor, Land Yachtz, Dregs, Loaded, Santa Cruz. Sliding gloves and helmets too.

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Snowboarding is like surfing the snow. We can help you find a cool board your size, along with the binding, boots, helmet, and anything else you may need to get your riding the slopes. We even take trips to nearby ski and snowboard hills, and set you up with lessons. We provide the the newest gear from the biggest brand names like Burton, Forum, Roxy, and Neff.

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Store Photos

Store Front

Owner Ralph Ruffolo at the Skate counter

Our friendly staff will help you with all your skate, windsurf, kite board, snowboard, and biking needs.

We get new boards coming in each weeek!

Our mini half-pipe lets us try new tricks here at the store.

We can hook you up with pads and helmets so you don't get jacked up as you ride.

We can do custom boards, letting you pick your trucks, bearings, wheels and decks!

We get new decks all the time so if we don't have it online stop in the store.

Backpacks, shirts, hats and more, we make sure you look good doin it!

No matter the season we have style and so should you.

We always have a big selection of skate shoes from awesome brands like Adidas, Vans, and Emerica

Our Windsurf display- we have plenty of boards and sails in stock.

Tons of Harnesses, in lots of styles and colors.

We sell more than just windsurf and paddleboards -- We have wakeboards and skim boards too! (Including binding, wetsuits and life vests)

We also have windsurf wetsuits in every size and for every weather condition.

Along with skate shoes we have a wide selection of surf shoes

We sell seasonal apparel for windsurfing, including board shorts, t-shirts and sandals.

Each season we get new boards, binding and boots from all the biggest names! (Burton, Forum, Special Blend etc.)

All last season's snowboarding gear comes on sale at the beginning of spring. Beanies, Jackets and Pants are always on display.

Each Fall we display our newest winter gear and it stays up until mid spring.

The Bike Shop entrance, serving you since 1987

Tony is seen here tuning a bike at the onsite work area. We tune, fix and upgrade bikes.

We sell the apparel you need to keep riding in any weather.

Our BMX parts department.

We have a great a BMX selection to choose from.

We also keep kids bikes and offer a kids bike trade up program!

We keep Townie, Road and Mountain Bikes for both men and women.

Check out all our used bikes, on display outside on sunny days.

We keep you safe with gloves, helmets and pads for the whole family.

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